Week 4 @ CPS

This week was a hot one, I think I’ve acquired a nice tan while working. I have been really busy throughout the days running errands for everyone and filling in for people while they’re occupied with something else. I’ve started answering calls and taking orders, making order forms is a little difficult because you have to do more than just print off the papers. I’ve found myself enjoying the chaos because when you’re answering calls there is always someone pulling on to the scale and you have to multitask. Even though I didn’t spend all my time behind the front desk it was fun when I got the hang of everything and I learned the importance of paperwork and organization in a real hectic office.

The hot humid weather made the first couple days of the week miserable as I scouted one farms fields. Over seventeen hundred acres in about two in a half days in a truck that the air conditioning was not working in made it pretty miserable. I thought it was kind of funny that I was working in rough conditions here, but after working construction and being outside every day for the past three summers I was just thankful to be doing what I have been because walking fields in the sun all day isn’t all that bad.

I have been working with another intern that just graduated high school and she isn’t all that ambitious yet and she is kind of difficult to work with at sometimes but it’s making me a better worker trying to make up for her lack of effort. They say you won’t like everyone you work with and I think that it is true that you don’t have to like them but you have to try to work with them the best you possibly can.


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