Lifestyles Hot Tubs: Week 4

So far this week I have been setting up a pool display for customers.  Within this display we are able to show a customer how to connect the pump and filter to their pool and we can show them all the extras that come in a pool package.  Not only is it helpful to demonstrate and visualize for the customer but it is also a great selling technique.  Once I show the customer that their pool comes with, a pump, sand filter, sand, backwash hose, safety ladder, vacuum pole, hose and head, solar cover, brush, skimmer net, thermometer, pressure gauge, all hoses and fittings, and start-up chemicals, they are thrilled to see how many things they are getting right off the bat.  It’s a great way to show customers that they are truly getting a great deal on their pool and it makes it easier to convince them to buy from us, compared to other stores.

This past weekend at the Lansing Center they had a Hot Tub & Swim Spa Blowout Sale.  Several people from around the area attended that have since come to us asking questions about our tubs and if we have any special deals going on.  They just want to get the best price.  But because of that I have been able to write several estimates and have had many people call me asking about prices.  We don’t give exact prices over the phone so we use that to try to get them into our store.  Once they are in our store it is easy to show them how our tubs are better than every other company out there.  We have been voted number one by Consumers Digest the last 8 times they evaluated hot tubs.  The Lansing Center has these hot tub blowouts almost every month during the spring and summer.  Although we are not involved in the show, our business is still driven up.  We do not attend because our tubs differ in quality of those there and so our prices will be different and most people at those shows pay more attention to price than quality.

Yesterday and today I have been working alone because my assistant manager has been sick and my manager has these days off.  It has been a real test to how well I am able to function and run the store.  It definitely has been testing my knowledge on all the products too.  If I get stumped on something I know where to look to find it but it’s always nice to get a second person’s’ perspective too.  Yesterday was a busy day and kept me on my toes, but today has been very slow.  It has been nice because I am able to get ahead of some of the projects I’ve been wanting to work on.


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