Kroger – Week 1

After starting my first week of the internship, I’ve quickly realized how easy these last 5 weeks have been for me following the semester. I spent a lot of time working on my golf swing and have shed some strokes off my score. Anyways, the first week of the internship has been filled with meeting new people and learning all about The Kroger Company. I’ve learned how big the company is and that it’s a very friendly environment that has welcomed all 18 of the interns involved in the program. It has been easy to get to know each other in the short amount of time we have spent together. Kroger has laid out the details of the internship and it seems like we will have a busy summer filled with work, projects, and events. So far we have learned about all of the procedures and policies that Kroger employees follow within the company. I’ve been a sponge trying to take in all the information they have thrown at us this week. The interns performed a color coding test to determine what kind of personality we have and it was a lot of fun comparing each other’s to see if they were accurate to our own perception of ourselves. The purpose for the personality test was to see which way Kroger can talk to us, help us, or explain problems to us. We have a scavenger hunt planned in Detroit tomorrow that I am looking forward to. It’s a networking event with interns for other companies that is designed for each intern to share their experiences so far and to network with them. This summer is looking like it will be a lot of fun.



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