Crop Production Services Week 4

This week at Crop Production Services was a long one. I worked a lot of hours. At this point in the job, it doesn’t seem that I have much else to learn. Rather, I am spending my time delivering anhydrous ammonia tanks to customers in Ohio and Michigan. While I have spent a lot of time in the former over the past couple of weeks, most of my deliveries from here on will be to locations in Michigan a little ways Northwest of the Morenci location I work at.

The weather has been quite dry for a while now so I am not getting many hours off. Rather, the farmers are hard at work applying fertilizer before wet weather moves in. The Weather Channel predicts rain for the next couple of weeks. I anticipate that my hours will be significantly reduced during this time. I expect that I will return for another week or two after the rain has passed, then Crop Production Services will probably begin to reduce the amount of hours I have worked. In terms of hours, I am winding down toward the end of my internship although I fully anticipate to reach 400 hours.

The long hours at this job can be very tiring. I am given Sundays off which is very necessary to catch up on rest. Otherwise, I am working Monday morning through whatever time I get off on Saturday which can vary greatly depending on the week. While it is great to have a regularly scheduled day off during the week, working the remainder of the week makes it difficult to get things done outside of work. For example, I had to get new tires for my car and I had to get off of work early on a Saturday to get this done, because the tire store was closed on Sundays as well. I wouldn’t choose to have a different day off however because I value having Sundays off and Crop Production Services is willing to work around my schedule so I can get other things done as well.

My job for this summer is a great introductory position for someone looking to work in agriculture. I get a lot of experience with farmers and learning how much of an effect the weather can make on farming. It gives me a new appreciation for all of the hours that farmers put into their jobs and Crop Production Services is an excellent place to work a seasonal job.


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