Week Three at Earthy Delights

I have been really enjoying my internship at Earthy Delights. This week I filled in for the main salesman, as he was out for neck surgery. To fill in for him I did everything from calling his weekly customers to get their weekly orders to talking with logistics and making sure all the orders get delivered on the right day. I really enjoyed talking to his customers and providing value to their restaurant. Most of the customers I dealt with were chefs at high end restaurants. After a week of calling chefs I really started to understand their busy times and the best times to call. I think after this weeks sales calls I have a better understanding of the chefs that deal with Earthy Delights. I am pretty proud of myself for successfully keeping in touch with all the customers I was told to contact. This week I led the company in sales which was really exciting. I did not do many prospect calls but I did up-sell current customers. My manager and boss were very pleased with my work, they rewarded me with some apparel. IMG_4640.JPG

I think working in the role of sales is a great fit for me. It can be very stressful sometimes when multiple customers are trying to contact me at the same time but I really enjoy taking orders for customers

All-in-all, I have had a great week. I think I can succeed in the role of sales at Earthy Delights. I believe I can improve on my communication skills to customers on the phone, sometimes I loose my train of thought which makes phone conversations kind of awkward. I think I can improve on this by before I call making sure I know what I’m going to talk about then I believe I can make a better impression.

What do you guys think the most stressful part of the job is?


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