Week 4

This week was incredibly busy for me. We had both our intern orientation and our dairy outlook conference. The intern orientation consisted of interns from all departments like marketing, market intelligence, and risk management. Then we also had the dairy outlook conference and as the only dairy group intern I had to basically be two places at once. I was going back in forth between this two events for the past 2 days until they finally joined up at the Cubs game. I then had a great time networking with dairy clients and potential clients and socializing with my co workers. It really helped me expand my networking skills but not as much as I hoped it would.
Meeting the other interns really put my internship into perspective. I was afraid that I wasn’t doing as much as other interns or learning as much as other interns but it really helped me. I realized I was actually a decent amount a head of all the other interns and that they didn’t know a huge amount about options and OTCs and I really did.
This really made me rethink my time at the company. I have learned a lot in avery short amount of time but i would like to continue learning as much as I can. I think I can take some of the pressure that I have been putting on myself off and just try to keep calm about not understanding everything that the company does in the first week. It is a huge process and a majority of what they do is not taught in college it is taught on the trading floor or more so now on electronic system. I am incredibly grateful that I have learned so much and I am positive that this is what I want to do with my life.


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