Week 3 – The Andersons

This past week has been business as usual in terms of some of things I have been doing, such as filling trucks with liquid fertilizer and filling chemical orders for customers. The applicators have caught up for now and things have slowed down a little bit for our guys. The customers are getting close to being all done with planting and there are definitely some that have been done for little bit now. Once the corn gets going, there will be guys coming in for fertilizer to side dress their fields and our guys will be spraying for weeds.

The main difference this week was that there was a safety inspection in which we had been getting ready for, for the last couple of weeks. As far as I know, we did well for our location. I even got a handshake from one of the inspectors as he told me thank you for wearing your seat belt when I was driving the forklift. The day they were there was actually quite a busy day because we had applicators going, trucks coming in to fill, and a train getting loaded out with corn. I was impressed how well everything went and I am sure they were too.

The picture I put up is of the train that got loaded out, which usually consists of 40 cars. It is quite the process and takes a lot of corn to fill up.



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