Week 3 BASF

This week has been another week of seeing different things each day. I spent most of the week riding with the Business Reps I am working with going to their accounts and handling complaints mostly. One of the craziest complaints that I rode along with was for Gramoxone. Even though it is not one of our products we went to assure the retailers customer that his cropped isn’t damaged like he believes it is. The Gramoxone drifted over a half to more than a mile in some areas. These were not even fine droplets they were very large droplets, but luckily for the grower his corn will be okay. It gave me a perspective on what type of calls I may get in the future. These calls may just to help retailers reassure to their customers that it may be okay even when they are worried. I also had a great opportunity to go to a fly in for plane applicators to come and calibrate their equipment. It was very interesting how accurate they can calibrate airplanes, even better than a ground sprayer. I enjoyed being able to see a method of fungicide application that I am not use to where I am from. Lastly I am wrapping my week up on my own again traveling my territory calling on accounts. My goal is to continue building a rapport with them while working on my project with our new products. The retailers I have been working with so far are great people that understand my goals as an intern. I am thankful of how these retailers enjoy working with interns so my experience is the best it can be.


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