Week 1 – Target, Executive Intern

This first week has been what seems to be an information overload. I have shadowed at least 6 employees closely after just working at the store for 3 days. There are so many regulations and policies that I need to have memorized not to mention all the software and walkie talkie codes. Since I will eventually become Leader On Duty (LOD) I need to know how to effective run every aspect of my store and also be able to move and run an effective staff. Most of this I have a few more weeks to understand but right now it just seems like a lot of information. Something cool that I learned how to do the other night when closing the store was how to close down the self check out lanes and refill them with money. Those things have so many locks on them its crazy! But I guess it makes sense because they do hold thousands of dollars in them. I look forward to working in more department and getting to know more friendly faces but until then I’m going to stay strong and try to continue to be a sponge when it comes to Target information.


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