GreenStone – Crop Insurance

This week at GreenStone I did a lot of editing maps on the computer. After I accepted this internship position within the crop insurance department of GreenStone, I was anxious to see how this mapping would turn out. I was afraid that it would be hard to do and I wouldn’t do a good job. After over a month of editing maps, I’ve realized how easy it really is and was wondering why I was nervous in the first place. My mentor keeps saying that I am doing a great job, so I guess it must be true. With each orchard I work on, I can see improvement in my editing skills.

So far I have enjoyed my time at GreenStone and the people that work there that I get to network with and learn from. I heard that GreenStone was hard to get into, and so when I interviewed and got offered the job the next day I realized I have been given a great opportunity and I had to accept. I hope that if I don’t get offered a full-time job after graduation, that I will at least leave this position with valuable skills, experiences, and professional relationships.

I look forward to improving my mapping skills, testing out the mapping with the drone, and continuing to meet farmers and work with them this summer. I do feel that the summer is flying by, so I am trying to take in everything as much as I can.


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