Blog Post #1: Target-Executive Team Leader Intern

This past week I completed my first week interning at Target. The position I have is called the Executive Team Leader. As an intern, I will spend about 1-3 days in each area of the store and understanding how it functions on a daily basis. Some of those areas include: Logistics/supply chain, apparel/merchandising, guest service, human resources, security, food guest service, and general merchandise. This internship is created to help give interns a realistic view of what being an Executive Team Leader is really like.

When reflecting on this past week, there was a lot to take in. Some interesting news that I found out about this industry was that I am coming into Target at the right time. I was constantly told that this week and their reasoning behind that was because so many other retailers are going out of business, being that they cannot compete with online shopping, and in this case this is where Target is excelling. Target has developed new ways to reduce shipping time as well as always allowing free shipping on any merchandise. This is where Target sticks out compared to other retailers because they are still able to remain competitive amongst other retailers, whereas some others cannot.

Another interesting aspect that I noticed during my first week is that all of the executive workers are in constant communication at all times. Each worker must carry a walkie-talkie on them at all times to keep one another updated about what is occurring at their department. I like how there is constant communication occurring because there is never a time where a member feels lost or confused.

In summary, this past week was very exciting. Although I mainly did shadowing for the most part, I found it very interesting how their work culture is very team based. Everyone at the store is constantly helping one another, as well as motiving each other to help meet their sales goal for the day. I am very happy with my decision with interning with Target, and believe that I am fitting in well.


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