Week 3 (CED)

Week 3 was the week were i felt like i learned the most. I started off in the warehouse, learning the intricacies of how product is pulled, stored, and packaged, but this week i was able to go into receiving. Receiving is just as important as any of the office jobs such as inside sales, outside sales, purchasing. There has to be a system to everything and if things aren’t received properly the consequences can be dire. If things go wrong, product can be misplaced, product can be sent to the wrong customers. We back order a lot of things because sometimes customers order special items that we don’t carry, so we order it for the customers. If that’s not received properly, the customer could potentially never get the product. Receiving also requires meticulous checking. The process to receiving an items starts out with me opening up the packing slip and checking to see if each product listed was shipped. The next step is to open the corresponding yellow sheet which tells you exactly what product we ordered so if it matches the packing slip, then its good. Sometimes on the yellow, the item is connected to a blue which is our order slips. If it is connected to the blue, then we have to pull the item and get it delivered. There are many things that can happen in receiving so you have to be prepared for anything. So far this has been the biggest learning experience and i never imagined that receiving would be so complicated. The pace of learning has also started picking up this week and next week i will be at the counter serving customers.


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