Week 1 at TMC – A Division of CH Robinson

This was my first week of my internship at TMC.  TMC specializes in many aspects of third party logistics. This first week was formal training supplemented with a few hours of shadowing every day.  I am working as a Logistics Representative Intern.  Our training process this week was everything from required HR training to supplemental Hazmat and other types of specific shipment information that we will need to know.  We also learned a lot about the history of TMC and how they are organized today.  A big part that my manager and other employees stressed was continuous improvement.  This is a very big part of the company culture here at TMC.  It was very interesting being able to sit in on a few meetings on my group that is assigned a specific account that we manage.  I am excited to learn as much as possible this summer and be able to use this experience to help me in the future.  The company branch I am at is in Chicago and TMC also has locations in Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Wroclow, Mumbai, and Shanghai.  I am curious if I will get to work with anything that is coming from or going to another country.  Today at work we will get to draw on a map our biggest lanes and this will help us visualize our supply chain.


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