John Marion Inc. Week 3

Another week complete at John Marion Inc. grain elevators. This week has been the most challenging but exciting week yet. Our company is still at full go with spraying. Fields however were still wet to start the week causing problems. We had three sprayers get stuck on Monday and Tuesday. This caused long delays before we could get them pulled out and back on our way. Today seemed to be the best day for spraying because fields have really dried out making our lives easier. However, as a company we are concerned about the hot weather in store for this upcoming weekend and the first part of next week. Since most of the soybeans and corn have been planted in our area we need mother nature to bring some rain along with the heat.

This week has also allowed me to visit more of our farmers to hear their problems concerning their fields. The information that I am gathering from them will allow me to give correct recommendations for fertilizer amounts along with herbicides and insecticides. Visiting farmers is one of my favorite parts about my internship because I get to have an opportunity to help farmers success in the tough agriculture industry.

The soybean market has been taking a down turn until this week. Prices have been going up in the market which strongly affect our company. Because prices have been increasing steadily this week we have added a few extra truck drivers to haul beans to Ohio. With not all of our soybeans being contracted it is important that our company jumps on these market price increases in soybeans, corn, and wheat. According to farm futures, China’s soybean imports hit a record in May causing prices to increase. Oil seed prices were also higher internationally. The bottom line right now in the soybean and corn market is the weather. With a wet and rainy planting season across the northern states and the heat wave coming within the next week it will be interesting to see how the market will react.

With the week coming to a close I was able to see sprayers getting stuck, talk with farmers, analyze commodity markets, and gain a deeper understanding of John Marion Inc. operations.


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