CCoD Week 3

This week has been a fairly standard week for the club. Local schools are still in session, so the pool is fairly empty on weekdays and very hectic on the weekend. Most of the slow weekdays have been used for stocking and prepping for the weekends so we are ready for the crowds. For myself and the other bartenders, that includes fully stocking anything that has been missing as well as cutting fruit. These kind of prep-days are very important for us, as we usually do not have the time to leave the poolside grille area to stock. The weekends usually start off slow with a massive rush for lunch and for dinner, so we do not have any time to get any stock. So far the only issues I have had at work are remembering the names of the members. There are some members and families that come to the pool often, so it makes it easier to remember them, but there are still hundreds of names and faces that I need to remember. As I continue to spend more time at the club the names will get easier, so it is something that I know I will improve on.

In the next week or two, I will begin to take more of a management role as part of my internship. The past few weeks have been for me to learn about the club, its system and its members. Now that I have a good grasp on everything, I will transition to more of a management role in the Summer Village. This will include scheduling the employees, managing the day to day operations of the poolside grille and addressing any issues that the members or staff could have when they arise. I am excited to get more responsibility at work so that I can learn how to be a better manager, and continue to prove myself to the club and my managers.


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