AgriGold Intern – Week 4

This week was super busy! But that’s just the way I like it. I did lots and lots of returns and picking up empty pallets/seed boxes from growers. I also got the opportunity to travel to Country Dairy near Hart, MI and check out fields. Which ended with one of the owners signing up for Advantage Acre ( our ag platform). With this app I will be able to scout their fields and the results will be accessible from his account.

Thursday was the most trying day ever. One thing after another went wrong but I did not give up. I couldn’t figure out how to operate someone’s fork lift, which after awhile of struggling I ended up mastering. Then the forklift at our warehouse ran out of gas. It was one thing after another and I was glad that my Friday ended up going way smoother!

This week I learned about making customers happy. I gave away 3 AgriGold hats this week and made quite a few farmers days. I’ve learned whatever little things I can do to get myself on any growers good list is worth it in the end.

Vigor scores also took a good chunk of my time. I had to go back to each one of our plots and rate each hybrid on a scale of 1-10 for vigor, how well they are growing and if they are growing at the same rate. I also took the time to dig up plants from each plot to examine the root structure. This is something that I LOVE to do. It’s like a mystery to find out whats going on in the underground that you can’t see by just looking.

I heard wind that the corn market has increased in price and soybeans has decreased. Which is the opposite of what it was before planting this spring. I’m assuming this is from all the replant/and excess water there was this spring. I’m interested to see where the market goes next. I love it when mother nature takes predictions for a turn! Here’s to another week interning for an awesome company!


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