MMPA: Week 3

This week we celebrated Dairy Day at the Capitol! There were several businesses there representing dairy such as the MSU Dairy Store handing out cheese samples, Kroger passing out chip and dip, Country Fresh and Prairie Farms both giving away chocolate milk and scoops of ice cream, and MMPA with butter cookies. It was fun to have such a mix of people stopping by to learn about dairy such as state representatives, employees of nearby offices, and families that were at the capitol for tours. People were very interested in learning about the dairy industry. UDIM did a great job planning the event and making it fun and informative for guests, they even have a social media contest going on where you can win free dairy for a year if you post pics with the hashtag #MilkMeansMoreContest. I posted my favorite milk memories of course, wish me luck because free milk for a year would be great. Feel free to post your own too.

One of the highlights of the event was Allison Schmidt, the Olympic swimmer, came out to speak and take pics at the event. We got to meet with her privately before and she was super cool and down to earth, especially for someone with a bunch of medals from the Olympics, 4 of them being gold, and being very close friends with Michael Phelps. Milk means More sponsors here and she’s a big supporter of chocolate milk. There were a few swim teams that came out just to see her which was cute to see. She even let us hold her gold medal and takes pictures with it, very casual.

Overall the event was really fun. It’s community events such as these that are most effective since it gives the consumers a chance to meet with their local dairy producers and providers. Candid conversations are a big key to gaining consumers trust and getting them to ask more questions. I’m looking forward to our 4H Tour coming up at the end of the month.


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