Lifestyles Hot Tubs: Week 3

This week I had one of my customers call and complain that his tub is not working.  He bought the tub about a month ago and when it was delivered the crew had brought the wrong cover lifter for it.  He called and was understanding about that and we took care of him right away.  Now he fills his tub for the first time and the heater is not working.  I ran him through every troubleshooting option I could think of and I still could not get the heater to work.  I contacted our service department and got him scheduled to have a technician out there tomorrow, free of charge of course.  Hopefully if all goes as planned his hot tub will not need any major repairs and will be running tomorrow.  As aggravated as he was, he understood that it’s something we hope never happens to a customer but unfortunately it does.  We have no control of the mechanics of it and he was just glad that I was able to help him out and get the problem taken care of in a timely manner.

This week has also been a busy week so far for pool sales.  My work week starts on Wednesday and I have already sold one pool and have wrote estimates for 3 other customers.  I also have a customer coming into the store tomorrow to look at them and discuss options with me.  Several people opened their pool the last two weeks and many of my customers are ones who tried to open their pool but found out it was broken.  A lot of big repairs to pools can costs as much as replacing the pool entirely.  That’s what my pool sale was on Wednesday and one of the phone calls was similar to that.  Many people are getting “pool fever” and wanting to get a new pool.  With it getting hot over the next few days and ultimately into summer pool sales will continue to increase and overall commissions and totals will increase too.  It is just the beginning of the summer and I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks are like.


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