Week 3: Crosscon Industries

Week 3 has been great! Still learning every day and becoming more familiar with the jobs and duties that I have. I learned this week that were taking in another customer which is pretty interesting. What that entails is new release forms, new parts, and new location. I have also learned that one of our most frequent customers Fluid Routing Solution (FRS) is discontinuing a few of their parts that have been shipped for many years, and bringing in 2 new parts. It’s interesting to know that a small company like this still changes and develops over periods of time. An interesting issue that came about this week was one of our customers emailed our logistics department with and urgent message saying that they did not have enough parts to continue their line. So what we had to do was actually airship as many parts as we could from china so that they could have the parts needed to continue the assembly line. We cut it very close on the deadline but everyone helped each other to make what needed to happen, happen. Sometimes customers don’t send their updated release forms so that we can schedule what needs to be shipped for that day, so what I do is contact the customer and try to figure out why we haven’t received a release. Sometimes the customer straight up forgets to send it and this week I had to call the customer asking for the release and the issue was she typed my email address wrong. So she thought she sent it but it actually never went through. It usually is a small error that is easily fixed, and a phone call or email usually does the trick. I never talked on the phone with a customer before so I was a little nervous, but I knew what I was talking about and knew everything would be fine. I am enjoying every day and learning so much, week 4 here we come.


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