Week 3 at INTL FCStone

I am very excited about how my 3rd week went. To be completely honest, I did not feel like I was doing a lot the last couple of weeks. I was mainly given tasks in order to fill my time but it barely did that and I was beginning to get a little bit bored with everything. This week my internship has progressed a lot. I have been given multiple projects that are actually really important to the company. One projects is helping my boss great a powerpoint for a sales presentation to over 300 potential clients. He is the only broker being asked to speak so he needs to make sure he nails it. We created this powerpoint and he actually enjoyed hearing my opinion and did take everything I said into consideration. The powerpoint is now 180 slides long and we are implementing activities in order to keep the listeners engaged and then we going to be continuing to fix the project up.
The next project that I was given today was actually really cool to me. I am compiling data from all types of different dairy products and their price for each month and this dates all the way back to the 1990s for most of the products. This product is very interesting to me because it relates back to what I want to do. I also really like this project because during two of my classes we learned everything there is to know about excel and one thing I really struggled with and really had to focus on was the lookup functions. These were always very hard for me but I knew they were important to know so I kept focusing on them and now I am actually coming up with look up equations and implementing them into my project!


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