Mastronardi Produce Week 2

I can’t believe it’s been four weeks interning at Mastronardi Produce already, time is truly flying. This week was really interesting in that I was trained in another commodity. The CIC supervisor decided that I should learn about TOVs (tomato on the vine) just in case the CIC for that commodity is off I would be able to cover. It was interesting to know how picky customers are when it comes to the bag of TOVs being open or closed and how many tomatoes should be on each vine. This week was an exciting one, because besides learning a lot of new information there was certain things that happened that made me feel more official. First of all, I attended my first meeting as a CIC where we met with the CIC Supervisor and the Vice President of Operations. I got to express my concerns and was able to comment on any issues. I also received a new badge which gave access to more places in the building, like the shipping and receiving offices. I felt special because besides the people that work in those offices not a lot of other employees get access. Lastly, I attended an organics training which is mandatory to attend when working with organic product. As the weeks go by my trainer is trusting me more in letting me do things on my own. This week he allowed me to allocate sales orders under his name and prepare a sample order for Kroger. Sample orders are really important in that it’s the product companies taste to make their decision in purchasing from the company. In this case the customer was Kroger and I had to get a big sample order together. I went throughout the entire warehouse getting samples from every commodity making sure it was the freshest and best looking product we had. Next week I will be receiving my own laptop which means I will have more responsibilities from sending and replying to emails, allocating product, and locating product in order to check its quality. I am excited to see how much more I will learn and experience interning for this amazing company.


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