This week at GreenStone I passed my FAA knowledge test and I am now legally allowed to operate our drone. We are still figuring out some quirks involving how we plan to use the drone to map, but in the meantime we have been mapping using our hand held GPS unit. We are then continuing to import that GPS data to the computer and upload the data to RCIS (insurance company) and edits the maps. My maps have improved since I’ve started a couple weeks ago and they are also a big improvement from the old maps that the farmers had.

On Tuesday after passing my FAA test, we had an insurance company come and show us how they operate their drone and use it for mapping. It was pretty neat actually. The app that they use let’s you find your field and add points to the field. Once the drone is launched, It will just fly itself using those GPS points selected on the app. While flying itself it takes many pictures while collecting GPS data. I think using this app and having the drone fly itself is not only an accurate decision for collecting the GPS data, but it is also safer with less chance of crashing.

Today we had an internship event where GreenStone discussed in detail all of the positions within the company. After lunch we got the opportunity to tour a big dairy farm in St. John’s. We got to learn about their operation, witness a calf being born, and tour their milking parlor. I thought it was a really great opportunity. I grew up on a vegetable and cash crop farm, so I never got to see a calf be born before. Also, I thought the milking parlor was awesome! Since it is a big operation, the farm has a big rotary milking parlor that can hold 80 cows at one time. The cows file in, the parlor rotates while the cows are milked and then they get off. It’s basically like a carousel for cows.


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