Week 2: Crosscon Industries LLC

With week 2 under my belt I’m really starting to learn a lot. I am becoming more familiar every day with my daily routine and the excel system that is used here at Crosscon. Earlier in the week we had an issue with a truck not showing up at its scheduled time. So what I had to do was first email the trucking company asking for the status of the truck and after an hour of no response I actually had to call the trucking company and physically talk to someone about the missing truck. Luckily, it was just a break down and the truck ended up making it before we closed. It was really my first time having to make a phone call to a different company with an issue that we were having so I was kind of nervous, but it went well. Today I have found out that I will be running the meeting that we have every Friday where we talk about what’s coming in next week and what’s shipping out. The meeting is held in the warehouse with a few of the employees that need to be aware of the shipments. I feel pretty confident running the meeting, it shouldn’t be that hard because I have all the paperwork that I hand out to everyone that has a calendar of what’s coming in and going out so there should be minimal confusion. This week I’ve learned the very basics of what is called the master schedule, It brings in all the release forms from the customers and is organized in excel so that we can see what the customer wants at anytime of the month and we even have some quantities for the year! We still must update it every week though in case something changes, which it usually does. Week 2 has taught me a lot and week 3 is right around the corner.


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