Week 2 at Wilbur-Ellis

Week two scouting for Wilbur-Ellis went off pretty smoothly. I was able to meet a few more growers and learn what they would like me to specifically look for in their crops. This was a fun experience because I kind of got an early look at one of my growers’ new cider house. It is always fun to get out and talk to educated people within the industry and pick their brain for information.

This would be the first week that I have virtually all of my bug traps up and got to see what my catch for the week was. One of the traps we set in apple orchards is for OBLR which stands for Obliquebanded Leafroller. These traps hold a sticky pad that we bait with a pheromone to attract the OBLR while it is in the moth stage. Below I have provided a picture of a sticky pad and what it caught over the past week. I have circled what I learned to be OBLR in the picture. The red thing in the middle is the pheromone


that attracts the moths to the sticky board. The rest of the bugs on the board are just miscellaneous flies that are harmless to the fruit. OBLR will feed on the leaves of the tree and even the fruit itself making the fruit useless. That is why we trap them to find out if the grower needs to spray and kill them to protect the crop.

Each week there seems to be a new problem to look for in the fruit industry. Week two seemed to be mainly focused on bugs that could harm the crop. OBLR  and peachtree borers were the main focus. The bugs you look for is constantly changing based on degree days. This is a scale of how warm it has been for so many days throughout the year. This is important because some bugs come out after fewer degree days than others and you want to target them as soon as possible.


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