Second and Third week at Earthy Delight’s

I am really enjoying my Internship in sales at Earthy Delight’s. Earthy is a small specialty food distributor of less that twenty employees which I have realized makes working here a much more well-rounded experience. I feel this way because event though I am interning with the sales team we are always keeping in touch with the purchasing, logistics, and warehouse departments which is typically not as frequent in a more standardized large scale warehouse/ distribution center where computers and much more manpower is at work that allows people to be completely focused on their specific departmental roles. For example, this Thursday we had an extremely busy day and the warehouse was getting behind on picking orders so a salesman and I stopped what we were doing at our desks to help work on packaging and labeling orders to be shipped that afternoon.

Earthy Delights also has a youtube channel. They upload weekly videos of an employee talking about a new product or new updates about Earthy Delights in general. I was featured in their video this week. I had to do a fifty second introduction about myself and describe three of my favorite products from Earthy Delights. I chose the Conica Morels (pictured below), wild leek bulbs and Harbison farms cheese.


These are some of the Conica Morels that I displayed in the video. I was a bit nervous but all the presentations and speaking in class helped out and after a few practice videos we agreed the video footage was good for uploading.

Lastly, I have been doing a lot of shadowing with the main salesman. He is going to have neck surgery this coming Tuesday and I am going to be handling and calling on some of his main accounts. I am nervous but I think this is a very important task that I need to be successful on. These customers are long term and the man I am covering for has been working extremely had to establish these relationships and I need to make sure I am covering all the bases when they ask for or question product, as well as making no mistakes on the order form to send to the warehouse. I think my next week will be my most challenging week so far but I am excited and motivated to make some calls.


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