Week 4 at CHS

Week 4 at CHS has been an interesting one but I have learned a lot. This was my first week that I was alone scouting by myself. While it wasn’t perfect it still went much better than I was expecting. While scouting I missed a few traps, which I need to get better at. out of all the traps I was supposed to check I missed about 4 which isn’t that bad but I still need to improve. Thanks to google maps finding the farms was pretty easy. Some were still difficult to locate because you need to take long dirt roads to get to them, but I still found them.

My car did take a beating. One thing I don’t like about this job is I have to drive my own car which is not great when I have to drive town a lot of dirt and grass roads. A truck would be really nice. Plus I am putting on almost 100 miles a day on my car which is too much for my car. I am really hoping it holds up this summer because I don’t want to deal with it breaking down in the middle of an orchard.

One thing that I really like about my job is working with the farmers. I really enjoy chatting with some of them. They are really interested in what I have to say which is cool because I am just the intern. If they see my car a lot of them will come find me and ask me what I see which is cool. Another thing that I have learned this week is how detrimental hail can be to cherries and apples. On Sunday we had a hail storm here and it did a fair amount of damage to the cherries and apples. I wasn’t sure what it was until I talked to a farmer. He explained everything to me which was cool.


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