Week 2 INTL FCStone

This is my second week at FCStone and my second week living in Chicago. I am definitely getting into the swing of the city and the company. I have kind of found my role in the company and feel much more comfortable. What I really like about my internship is that my boss, Rob, let me get the feel of it for the first week. He let me explore different aspects of the department to see what I really wanted to focus on. I decided I really was interested in the more face to face interactions like client dinners and trading for clients. I am really happy that my internship allowed me to explore my options and then focus what I was actually interested in verse me continuing on and doing something that didn’t spark any interest in me.
I am really starting to get how the team works. It really isn’t for someone that doesn’t have thick skin. There is always a lot of yelling and swearing between the team but then 2 minutes later it was like nothing happened. I am really learning that the key to this industry is just trying to stay calm. Even when you have customers yelling at you or if you lost money on a trade.
This internship has already made me recognize some of my strengths and weaknesses. I realize that sales are going to be a huge part of what I am doing and I am good at creating relationships which people. I have been focusing on continuing those relationships and maintaining these relationships because that is exactly how networking happens. I realize one of my weaknesses is sitting in front of a screen and trying to teach myself something. Noticing this weakness has been helpful because I am trying to put more focus into learning it on my own but to also utilize those around me by asking questions.


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