Enterprise Week 1

This week was my first week at my internship at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and I’ll be honest it took me by surprise. When I first thought of this position I figured it couldn’t be took difficult, all you have to do is look up the customers rental information and put them in the car and they were good to go. I was way off. There are constantly vehicles coming and going from the location with multiple different fleet classes. Being aware of which vehicles are available to be rented out or not comes down to an algorithm.

What some customers don’t understand when they make their reservations is that we can only guarantee a car class and not a specific make or model, so when they come in to get the car and we don’t have the specific car they were thinking of they get upset. Customer service is one of the big aspects that Enterprise prides themselves on, they want to make sure every customer they come in contact with is 100% satisfied with the service. Keeping a positive attitude and not getting discouraged with difficult customers is important with this position.


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