The Andersons – week 1

Although I have been working for the past few weeks, I would say my internship truly started this past Monday with orientation down at their corporate office in Maumee, Ohio. This was a great experience and interesting to see the new building that they have only been using for about a year now. Interns from all locations were there and it was fun talking with them and learning about their backgrounds. The day consisted of learning about the company’s history, what beliefs the company was built on, and we even got to speak with the company’s first non-family CEO, Pat Bowe.

The rest of week was pretty normal in comparison to last week. We have been steadily busy, with slower times depending on the weather. My main job has been working around the liquid fertilizer and chemical shed, where all of the product is located. I fill up customers and also our own trucks that are tending to the applicators out in the field. I have had quite a bit of customer interaction and have become familiar with writing up the products and quantity in order to keep track of what is going in and out. I have learned that when it is busy, everyone does a little bit of everything.

I was also able to help put in a corn and soybean plot on one of the days, which was neat. We planted about 30 different varieties of both and had to vacuum out the planter each time we switched to a new variety. This plot will be used for local farmers to be able to see first hand how each kind performs in comparison to others, in similar field conditions. I am trying to learn as much as possible each day and hope to be able to perform different tasks as the summer goes on.


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