Lifestyles Hot Tubs (Salesman) – Week One



2017 Envoy NXT


2017 Envoy NXT 2

Hello everyone! I have been working as a salesman at Lifestyles Hot Tubs. There is a lot of training involved in order to be knowledgeable and successful in hot tub sales. I must know everything there is about chemicals to make sure I offer the correct advice to customers. I must know how to troubleshoot problems customers face, whether that be with chemicals or water quality or even mechanical issues. It is also very important to know the features, functions and benefits of each individual hot tub. So, my day-to-day tasks mostly include but are not limited to: reviewing spa information, doing dry run sales pitches, reading up on chemicals and their use, and running water tests on customers’ hot tubs and or pools. I have been working here for a few months now and I still train and learn new things every day.

Something interesting that happened this week was I had a customer call with problems with their tub. We concluded that their tubs’ jet pumps were bad and needed to be replaced. The cost of replacing two jet pumps with labor is similar to the cost of a new tub. So, I pitched them a few tubs over the phone and got them very interested. The very next day they came into our store and I talked with them for over an hour, ordinarily that’s an average pitch if not shorter, but since this couple had done their research and called me the night before we knew what they wanted and I could point them in the direction they wanted. They were looking at out 2017 Envoy NXT. This is one of the best, if not the best hot tub on the market. It was fun describing all the features the tub has and being able to see how excited they were. They went into detail about where they were going to put and even showed me pictures of their backyard and house too. I was easy to see how excited they were! After talking to them for a while longer I went to my desk and wrote them up an estimate. Showed them the estimate and talked about it as well and they didn’t seem fazed by it at all. They were so excited and they knew how much they were going to spend that it didn’t matter to them, or so it seemed.  As I continued to try to close the sale they decided they wanted to think about it overnight and that they would let me know. Unfortunately, not every sales pitch is a sale, but I know they will be back to buy that tub. They might change some of the additional features to reduce the price, they might even add more features, but I know they will be back! It was a great day and a great learning experience for me. Since I’ve only been here a few short months I have not a lot of opportunity to pitch to a customer so as fun as it was, it was also a learning experience. It’s important to note your strong points as well as your weaknesses too and then make sure to improve on them for the next time. This was pretty the highlight of my week so far. We expect tomorrow to be busy as it a holiday weekend and everyone it either buying a new pool or opening theirs up.


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