First 3 weeks at JK moving

Hope everyone’s internship is off to a good start! This summer I migrated from East Lansing, MI to Arlington, VA. Five minutes away from booming Washington, DC. Currently I am working as an international intern at JK moving services. JK moving services is a worldwide relocation company for residential people, corporate business, and government officials. 90 percent of the work I deal with is relocating U.S. state departments officials all around the world. These state department employees range from diplomats, to military personal, and other officials from various departments within the government.

I assist international relocation coordinators as part of my daily work. The work is extremely diverse, requiring a high amount of attention to detail that varies from client to client. These people are moving their goods via air and sea. Over 50 percent are often moving their cars with them to their destination. The paperwork that is required for these moves are extensive. Every country is different, and has diverse regulations of what you need to fill out, and what you can or can not bring. We handle the origin to destination move. We hire various destination agents along the way and are constantly calling for quotes and prices from freight fowarders and shipping airlines. I will go into more detail in my future blog posts but for now I just wanted to provide some background. I work 8-5 Monday-Friday every week. I enjoy coming into work because it’s a very friendly environment. The managers are always checking in to see how you are doing, talking with any type of employee. Where at many work places that is not the protocol. My team works very efficiently. Communication is definitely key and my department displays that day in and day out. I look forward to continuing this class throughout the summer and hearing all about everyone’s fabulous internships while telling you guys about mine!


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