Week 2 AgriGold

As I’m nearing the end of my second week with AgriGold I can hardly believe it, this summer will no doubt fly by. Last week all 71 of AgriGold’s interns met in Vincennes, Indiana to start our internship orientation. This was a great time. We learned lots, from the Apps we would be using on our Ipads, new agriculture technology platforms, agronomy, how to drive a forklift, how to break down seed boxes, how to put signs in the fields, and so much more. We also learned a ton about AgriGold overall as a brand and company. The community that AgriGold creates is like no other. As an intern I feel like I am a part of the work family, they give you as much responsibility as someone they would hire on full time. I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience with AgriGold.

One happening this week involved me learning to drive a stick forklift and use ratchet straps, out of everything I would have to do this summer I never imagined that to be a challenge. Not only was the forklift a challenge I had 3 sets of eyes staring at me while operating it. Needless to say I got practice in and the second day went much smoother than the first. The ratchet straps were so confusing at first. But by the end of the summer I will be a professional at both of these things. I will say that a lot of people have told me that most tasks on jobs can be learned and now I can fully agree, college can’t teach you how to use forklifts or ratchet straps!

Concerning industry news, I have heard a lot about the replanting that’s going on in Indiana because of excessive water and rain. One of my corn specialists Jason actually works in Indiana and it’s a crazy time there. Some people have planted corn twice and now are on their third planting with soybeans this time. I can only imagine what this will being doing for the market of corn and soybeans come harvest. Along with the cost of seed for next year’s plant.



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