Week 1 at Auto-Owners Insurance

In my first week of my new internship at Auto-Owners, I have been learning about claims with a focus on medical claims in an auto accident. I have spent the last year interning with Auto-Owners but in the audit department. Since I have previously been with the company, I did not have to go through the typical new associate training that every other new associate has to go through. I spent most of my first week in training and towards the end of the week I started handling and looking at claims.

In this internship I will be responsible for assisting claim representatives with their files and gathering claimant information for Medicare reporting purposes and to be keep on file. I will also be responsible for investigating claims in determining if they are fraudulent in nature. For example, one claim this week was for an insured who was in an auto accident and claimed he could not work due to back pain. However, after investigative work we learned that he has still been going to his local gym and working out.

I am excited to continue working for one of the largest insurance carriers in the Mid-West and a fortune 500 company. The medical claims department is an interesting department within the company and you truly see something different every day. Whether it is a claim that resulted in fatalities, or simply that a turkey crashed through the windshield and gave our insured a concussion. I never imagined myself working in the insurance industry but when you find a great company like Auto-Owners, it makes you want to stay and just find the right position within the company.


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