MMPA: Week 1

This is actually the 3rd week of my internship and I feel like I have been here forever, but in a good way. The first thing I noticed about this company was how friendly the employees are. I have never worked somewhere where my coworkers were genuinely so friendly. Everyone has been willing to be patient and help me through new assignments while trying to help me learn as much as I can. My first week here they had a birthday party for some of the employees and I was invited to join. I felt so welcomed and I had only been there for three days. This has easily been my favorite part of the internship so far. Working in a happy environment makes all the difference when it’s an environment you have to be in 40+ hours a week.

When it comes to actual work, it hasn’t been too bad. So far I’ve had the chance to sit and rotate through most of the business departments on my end. It’s helped me better understand the various tasks I have been assigned and why I’m doing what I’m doing or where the data comes from. This week I did a lot of filing of paperwork that comes from the haulers. These workers pick up milk from farms and deliver it to one of our several plants throughout Michigan. It’s then documented on paper forms and given to us the next day. I have also been given the fun job of entering this data in the shared spreadsheet.

Later next month they scheduled me a ride along so I get to see some routes and how haulers go from farm to farm picking up milk. I also have a few events coming up such as Dairy Day at the Capitol where I will be representing MMPA at a booth passing out cookies and getting the chance to talk with Michigan residents about Dairy!

Next week I will have the chance to go into the lab and see how milk is tested for butterfat percentages, cleanliness, and other traits that milk producers are regulated on. Stay tuned for some pictures of me, the business major, dabbling in science.


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