Auto-Owners week 1

This is my third week at Auto-Owners. I am located in the Home Office branch in Lansing. I am working in the subrogation department. A simple definition of subrogation is going after the at-fault party in accidents. For example, if you are insured with AO (Auto-Owners) and get into an accident caused by someone else, we will pay you for the claim and then go after the other person’s insurance company to get money back. Everyone in the subrogation department is very friendly and welcoming. I have gone out to lunch with some of the guys and gotten to know them outside of work. The transition has been easy because everyone is willing to help.

The Home Office is located on the west side of Lansing off of 496. A fun fact is that there is more employees in the Home Office (about 1,200) than there is residents of my hometown (Ubly-about 900). The building is equipped with its own cafeteria for employees to purchase meals for breakfast and lunch. They have about 4-5 options for lunch. They modeled the cafeteria design after Brody Cafeteria on campus. They also have a coffee bar open all day if you need an afternoon pick-me-up. There is a walking trail around a pond outside of the building that numerous employees take advantage of during their lunch hour.

During the first couple weeks I sat with everyone in the department (12 people) and they discussed the different parts of the job and computer system. After that, I started working on my own. I had to take four Kaplan courses on claims and investigation. These were long and tedious but I learned a lot. So far I have been reviewing files and invoices checking if there is a chance we can get more money back and that we paid all of our bills to the third-party vendors. I highly enjoy the freedom with this job. There are two supervisors I report to. They give me a project to work on and usually only check in once a day to see if I need help. If not, I work on the project and when I am done I go find them for the next one. I am really looking forward to the rest of the summer and learning more and gaining more responsibilities.


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