Week 10 at USE

As if it were yesterday I remember nervous, but excitedly walking into the building. Now tomorrow, it is my last. This past week comprised of having a Q&A with CEO Danny Meyer, an intern dinner at Blue Smoke, Michilin star barbecue restaurant. Today, I sat in on a managers meeting, one that usually takes place once a week. They discussed the profits and losses over the past quarter, what affected the numbers, and what we, as a company, can do to fix issues, if any. Tomorrow I will present my project in front of many of the higher up executives. The project is a Standard Operating Procedure outline. I am essentially outlining how to do my boss’ job, the USE Manager of Venue Hospitality at Citi Field. Detailing paperwork, how to use certain web applications, who to send what information to whom, as well as other day to day activities. Also, I will be sitting in on a company meeting, discussing with all the different manager heads about anything new in their respective divisions. Then is a farewell activity. I do not know much but the entire staff will be split into teams and compete in certain activities. I believe i learned alot this summer, and will miss all the good times.


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