Week 8: Mondelez

Week 8 at Mondelez was great. I filled in for our order writer, Brad (in the Grand Rapids area), who was filling in for our rep Alan. I will be doing this route again next week as well. I worked Tuesday-Saturday (unfortunately Saturday) and put in some overtime! My main job was to go into stores, worked deliveries, work back stock, set up and maintain displays, and then write orders for deliveries. On Tuesday, I wrote orders for 2 different Meijers for Thursday and then one for Walmart. I did the same on Thursday for the Saturday delivery. I worked numerous loads and lots of back stock.

I am beginning to learn why organization is such a key to professional development. Our back stock, which is the back room at our stores where we keep extra product, has been a nightmare recently. There are many, many boxes overflowing in all of them with no organization. Some stores have so much that it takes hours just to dig everything out to see what we have. This is pointless in my opinion. When ordering product, we need to order just what is needed to fill the shelf. When the delivery comes, most if not all the product should go on the shelf, and the FEW extra cases should go in back stock. Also some extra items that may be on sale. This is such a big problem for many sales reps, and I’m starting to see that they are not very organized people. It makes me excited to think that one day i may be running a sales route and I could make sure it is organized and smooth – way smoother than some of them are now!

Next week will be similar to this past week, filling in for Brad. Looking forward to school starting soon – 3 weeks left on the job!


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