Week 11: Crop Production Services

Week 11 at Crop Production Services was a bit busy. Early this week I had a lot of scouting to do looking for spider mites in bean fields for customers to see if we needed to spray. Tuesday all the sales representatives, our manager, and myself went to Breckenridge Michigan for a Dyna-Gro seed meeting where we all got useful information about new seed varieties coming out in 2017 and varieties that will yield better in different soils and so on. While we were there we went to four different tents which Dyna-Gro dealers talked about either corn, soybeans, or wheat and then the last tent was about what is going on with Loveland products and what their intentions are for the upcoming year. Wednesday we all had to travel up to Mid Michigan to Mount Pleasant were we had a sales presentation which was very interesting. At the sales meeting I learned how our company was doing as a whole and also how individual people throughout the company were doing. The sales meeting was at Soaring Eagle Casino which was also pretty cool because I never had the chance to go there so that was my first time seeing it. Thursday was a busy day for our location because we had Al’s arial from Ovid Michigan spraying fungicide on to some of our customers fields. I had the chance to see the plane when I was at the airport come down and also take off. I also got the chance to load the plane up with fungicide which I have never experienced before. Friday was another busy day at CPS. I was out putting up signs for some of our customers showing others different variety corn and beans. After I got done doing all of that I went out and did some scouting for one of our sales representatives. This week was very interesting and I learned a lot at the two meetings I attended this week.


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