Stryker Last Day

Today was my last day at Stryker Medical for the summer internship at it has been an absolutely incredible experience. For the past two days, the interns have been showing off their projects in the Intern Showcase where any Stryker employee can come and look at and ask questions about the projects. It has been incredibly excited talking with so many different people from different divisions, teams, and backgrounds.

Luckily, I will be continuing my internship during the year part time. This set up is ideal for me because I can continue to add value to and help the team while simultaneously going to class.

There is a lot of work being done right now to find me a full time position within Stryker. Because of headcount, it is unknown if I will be able to join the team I was working with this summer, however there is a Purchasing/Supply Chain Operations position that is open in Instruments. I was told by HR that the hiring manager is interested in me and that I would be hearing from them soon.

Stryker is a company that is full of global opportunity. Every position has something special to offer, and every person at that company gets stuff done but know how to have fun in the process. This summer has been unlike any other. I have learned more about Supply Chain and Stryker than I ever thought I would, and I will continue to learn as the year goes on.


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