General Mills – Week 9

We have completed our all intern presentation. We presented our recommendations on how General Mills can drive sales and growth in lodging for all of senior leadership in convenience and foodservice. We performed extremely well and we received a lot of positive feedback. We were told that “Our presentation was the best intern presentation in the history of C&F. We were very excited to hear this news and it is great to have completed this project successfully. I have learned so much about working in groups, presentation styles and tips, and how to really impact a business by creating various business strategies.

Even though we had a successful project, this has been a sad week. The first wave of interns are officially done with their internships and they will be leaving next week. This is going to create a lot of change in the office because this will be the first time working without my team.

This week has been a great week for the progression of my individual project. I present my individual project on the 17th of August. I have set up many meetings for next week so I can practice my presentation and see where I can improve. The last few weeks of my internship will be focusing on my individual project and making sure that I can deliver a strong presentation. My project has to do with creating a process for gathering, storing, and using competitive information for the Trade Team. Overall, this has been a challenging project. Through the research phase of this project, I have also identified more inefficiencies that need improvement. Improving communication is extremely important in my project and I have also identified that there needs to be more training and education to the field because there is still a disconnect on what to do. I am hoping that the recommendations that I am presenting will help fix this communication gap and stregthen the trade team


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