Week 10 Wilbur Ellis

I have had an interesting past couple of weeks.  I have worked on my cover crop plots taking measurements, started scouting dry beans and soybeans for spider mites, and did a ride a long with a guy on the west side of the state.  It was really interesting to ride a long with him.  He taught me a lot about the coopersville are. I also started learning about climate, a new monsanto project that shows rainfall and vegetation.

We officially decided my last day will be August 26th.  That seem like it is coming up fast.  I have had a terrific summer with Wilbur Ellis.  They are a great company to work for.  I highly recommend this company to anyone interested in agriculture.  You will learn so much.  I made life long connections, memories, and learnings.  I will use information from this summer to make decisions on my own farm.

I never thought i wanted to do an internship but it really does make a difference.  Its a great experience and i will forever be thanful i did it.


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