Week 8: Tanimura and Antle

This week the fact that my internship will soon be coming to an end is starting to set in. At the same time, I will be happy to be able to go back home to see my family but also I’ll be sad to leave behind some of awesome people and good friendships I’ve made out here in California.

This week my role has been mixed up somewhat due to the fact that Planttape plantings have been relativity light, with us only planting 2 days during this six day work week. I’ve been bounced around the department filling in where I was needed. I filled in for one of our employees that manages our automatic weeding machines, which I have been able to see before but this was different with being given more responsibility and being able to get more hands on with the machine. I also floated around with our celery planting crew leader assisting him in looking at next weeks plants in the greenhouse and creating a planting schedule based on what we saw.Also this week I have been helping the cauliflower crew leader as he prepares to move his equipment for planting in Yuma, Arizona. This has included helping to service his machines and help with loading them onto the correct trucks for transport next week.  What I have spent the most amount of my time on however is helping our crews perform routine maintenance on our transplanting machines. Although working in the shop is not one of my favorite things I do think getting hands on wrenching on the machines gave me a lot more inside knowledge on how they actually work and what parts are most prone to failure. This insight I believe will make me much more comfortable in working on these machines in the future.


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