Week 7 – Mondelez

Week 7 at Mondelez was a good one. Spent the week in Fremont Michigan at our stores there, Walmart, Plumbs Market, and Shop n’ Save. It was a pretty laid back and average week, other than Tuesday. When I got to Walmart, they informed me that since they were doing an inventory check on Wednesday, they rejected our order of 150 cases that day. Inventory is when they account for everything they have in their back stock of their store, and they want the least product possible. Since they order didn’t come, our shelves were looking very empty and there wasn’t much work for me to do. I came back to the store on Thursday and worked a 260 case load which finally filled the shelves completely and hopefully made up for our low days before. The sales rep I was working for is out on vacation, which is my conclusion to why our shelves were so low. Knowing that inventory was Wednesday, he should have ordered a lot of product on the Thursday before, forecasting what would have gone low and making up for the fact Tuesdays delivery wouldn’t be able to come. This is just a little thing that I noticed this week, which can be a major problem when trying to hit your number each month. Every delivery counts, and it will be hard to make up for the lack of sales this week. 

As for next week, I am filling in for a full time order writer in Grand Rapids area. I will officially write orders and manage stores by myself. Hopefully my training and hard work will pay off and I can order the correct amount of product each day! I am learning a lot about the importance of learning and retaining information! Excited for what next week holds.


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