Week 11 at Herman Miller

This is our final week of preparation before our big presentation. The group has seen each other more than they probably wanted to this week. The constant practice and rehearsals we’ve had this week are just to fine-tune our effectiveness at getting the point across and making us more and more comfortable speaking the content. Though, I’ve nervous and excited at the same time. Being the only sustainability intern on the sustainability project that’s full of other interns with different backgrounds really applies some pressure. I’m expected to know more than the others about this topic which has lead to me having a decent part in the actual presentation. I start the presentation from welcoming and “thank you” and go on to set the stage and foundation of the material.

I also got to interview the executive that the sustainability team reports to. I really enjoyed our conversation. He has lots of changes he hopes to see in the near future that I’d really like to be a part of – and I made that clear. I agree with what he’s saying and feel very passionate and interested in implementing those ideas. He was very open and welcoming and allowed me to ask lots of questions.

There was also a large corporate gathering where everyone comes together to hear the CEO and the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) talk about their future plans. It is also a very interactive conversation since employees from around the world and in our subsidiaries are able to ask our executives questions. It’s an event that everyone looks forward to since our executives are otherwise unapproachable for some. Especially those that work in subsidiaries and are lower on the chain. This is something I wasn’t familiar with companies doing. Though, I found it very valuable to the organization as a whole. I found it makes employees feel better connected.


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