Week 10- Wilbur Ellis

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am amazed with how fast time is going. I have less than a month before this internship is over and I go back to school to start my senior year. I could not be more happy with my decision to come to Michigan State because without it I would not have had the opportunity to intern with Wilbur Ellis where I’ve learned so many things. Things like bugs, diseases, specialty crops, and that this is the right career path for me.

In work right now, I am continuing to scout fruit, veggies, and bugs. I am working on my end of the season wrap up presentation that I have to present in front of all the other interns from Wilbur Ellis who reside in the same area. My presentation will be about my test plot on Hops. I am testing whether or not the chemicals I am spraying will enhance the quality of the cone. I am spraying once a week for 5 weeks and I just finished up my fourth week of spraying so in a few weeks I will be able to tell if the cones quality was enhanced or not.

Wilbur Ellis as a company is a Class A company and I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking employment or looking for a salesmen. I have been very fortunate to have had such a wonderful experience with such wonderful, helpful co-workers. I will be able to take everything I have learned and gained from this internship and apply it towards my career, both educationally and professionally.



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