Service Express: Week 10

Rolling into the last week of the month to hit our goals, my team found that we were not able to hit our ideal goals. Personally, we all did an acceptable job in reaching what we could be proud of given the circumstances. A trend we saw in our call results was that a majority of the higher-ups that we were trying to reach this month were on ¬†vacation. With our activity staying the same if not higher, we pegged our low meetings-set numbers to the fact that people just weren’t around the office to pick up the phones are meet with our Account Executives.

Having an over the top successful month in July, my team felt pretty discouraged this month when we were not able to achieve the same results. However, we did not let our lower success stop us from pushing back. We came up with new strategies and tactics to get in touch with people who were not picking up the phones. We utilize LinkedIn as a prospecting tool and sent even more InMails and Emails to those who were not picking up the phones. Cold-calling vs reschedules also makes a huge difference in how people answer your calls when you do finally get them on the phone. Realizing what works and what doesn’t and constantly adapting to the current situation has been an important thing for us to keep in mind this month.

Even though our class is coming to an end, I still have a few weeks left while I continue on with my internship for the duration of the summer. I am looking forward to picking up the pace in August and completing some of the projects I have been working on and sharing my results.


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