Week 11 at Stryker Medical

The internship is almost over and I can not believe it. I have stopped working on projects this week and I have started working on my final intern project. I am presenting my intern project on Tuesday for the first time to the Senior Director and Vice President of Supply Chain Management for Stryker Corporation along with a variety of other supply chain management individuals. I finished my presentation today and I am feeling good about the presentation. Next week I also have the official Stryker Intern Showcase on Thursday and Friday in which everyone will be able to come and look at all of the interns projects. Most people are going to use a tri-fold poster but I am going to have a flat screen TV on a TV stand hooked up to my computer running a power point presentation. I have created an interactive presentation that will allow me to go from slides about a project, back to my main project list so that I can easily talk to people about the variety of projects that I have completed.

I have my final intern review on Monday morning. Here I will find out about whether or not Stryker is going to be offering me any full time positions. From how things have been going and how everyone has been talking to me, it seems as though things are going well and I look forward to a very happy Monday. This internship has been a blast and I hope that I have an opportunity to continue working here next year.


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