Week 10: The Delong Company

This past week has proven to be one of the most busy and exciting for me.  Early in the week myself and the other intern in my division had to set up the display tent of the Wisconsin Agriculture Committee, which The Delong Company was sponsoring.  After spending the better half of two days assembling the tent and all the displays inside of it we were back to the office, so I thought.  When I got back to the office I was briefed on my very important task for the next day.

My task was to drive into downtown Chicago and pick up three of our overseas customers from Japan, and then drive another hour outside of the city to our new trans loading facility.  All of the frustration of traffic aside, I arrived to the hotel and picked up the customers on time.  It proved to be a very informative time conversing with the tofu manufacturers.  All of the excitement of learning about the new culture aside, I was even more enthusiastic because it was to be my first time at the new company facility.  The facilities purpose is to handle the loading of a large portion of our containers that are exported to southeast Asia and other overseas destinations.  The efficiency and magnitude at which the entire play operates at is truly an amazing, state of the art experience.  There is at least two of every piece of equipment at the plant because of the large handling of GMO and non-GMO soybeans.  The need to separate is very important to avoid cross contamination at all costs.  When I am referring to this I mean that it goes as far as to require a randomized pass code by every driver in order for the pit to even open and allow the soybeans to be dumped.  It was truly a phenomenal experience.


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