Week 10 – Pat Feldpausch Farms

This week has been a hot one and there probably would have been a better week to do soil sampling but it had to get done. I got sun burnt and got the opportunity to learn the procedures of soil sampling for Encirca in the 90 plus degree heat. This was not fun, but was actually kind of interesting. Too bad I wont be here long enough to see the results come in. We sampled about 12 to 15 fields not including 3 or 4 that we sampled just a single section that struggled to grow or didn’t grow at all. This took us about three days but we were working on multiple projects throughout the day getting sidetracked by other things that needed to be done as soon as we returned back to the farm. The samples that we took will be used to determine why crops struggled or why they didn’t grow at all. All of the other samples were labeled and sent in to the same company. The only difference is that they will be used to create prescriptions and test nitrogen levels in the soil. This allows Encirca to instruct you on how much nitrogen to apply on your fields to achieve your specified field average yield goals. It’s a cost saving tool for farmers that helps to smooth your fields and help you apply inputs in the most efficient way possible.


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