Week 10: Helena Chemical Company

So just concluding my 10th week with Helena Chemical Company and i must say things are really coming down to the wire. I have continued to grid soil sample for my sale rep, This week has been kind of crazy with the weather having an effect on my soil sampling. The weekend before the location I am soil sampling at got about 2-3 inches of rain. This really stops me from getting good soil samples because the ground is wet and at times becomes muddy and the samples don’t come out the way we want them to. I had to take some days off and go look at some of our fertilizer field plots. I did some comparisons with our CoRoN product against some competitors products and tried to showcase how our products have more of a positive effect on the corn than our competitors. The results I took really showed the differences in growth, crop sprayed with our products had more growth as far as a growth stage ahead of our competitors, this will be good for my sales rep when he goes to talk to new or existing clients. Farmers like to see visuals that can prove that the products there using work, because there depending on the products to do what they say. Its always a good feeling when I can provide good results for my sale rep because this will allow him to really push our products more. So next week is my last week with the company and its bitter sweet feeling because Ive enjoyed the work Ive been doing and the people I got to work with, I plan on spending this last week by trying to finish these grid soil samples for fall and spring fertilizers.


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